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The mini GPS SOS Tracker is an incredibly easy to use and compact. You can program up to 3 emergency SOS numbers into the tracker.

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GPS Tracking

The SOS Tracker features a GPS Tracker which enables you to find out where it is by sending it a text with the web based platform or via the phone app. If the wearer has an emergency, pressing the SOS button will send a text message to all programmed SOS numbers with a link so you can see where it was when the button was pressed and also sends a notification via the app. In addition the tracker will then dial each contact in succession, then once answered will enable speakerphone mode to allow a direct conversation to be held. You can also set up a “geofence” – a virtual boundary via GPS – and be alerted each time the person goes in and out of the marked area.


Two-Way Voice Calling

When the SOS button on the GPS Tracker is activated, the tracker will try to call the 1st SOS number programmed into it. If it can’t get through, it will then proceed to call the 2nd and then 3rd programmed numbers until answered. The speaker and microphone makes it easy and simple for people on both sides to talk and be heard. It also has a fall detector which will send out an SOS call if it detects a fall – great for elderly or disabled people who want to be more active but need an additional safety net. In addition you can call the GPS SOS Tracker anytime for a conversation with the wearer.


Online Tracking

The Tracker can be switched into GPRS mode to enable users to monitor it in real time over the internet using our web based tracking system or Smart Device App. All settings for this option are fully configured for your immediate use.


Location Request

You can send a location text command anytime to the tracker and it will reply back with a Google Map link giving the location of the tracker at that present time.


Fall down alarm

The authorised numbers will be alerted without the user pushing SOS button when the fall sensor is activated.


Dustproof and Waterproof

This product provides dustproofing and waterproofing to IP67. This extra durability is ideal for use with kids or elderly people helping you to improve the longevity of your tracker.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 3.7 × 2.3 mm
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